How To Actually Calculate Loan Payments
By Petra Amelia

Acquiring loans is a comparatively simple task compared to the difficulty in calculating the loan payments. It is necessary that you can make a few of these calculations by yourself rather than always having to depend on the lender to provide you with the exact figures. One of the best and easiest methods of calculating your loan interest is with the help of the Internet. There are loan calculators, which help you calculate the interest and repayments on your loan. There is a difference when calculating interest for mortgages, car loans, credit cards etc., so you will have to select the right calculator that suits your needs. In this way, you can ensure that the calculations provided are accurate.
A mortgage calculator helps you calculate the amount that you are capable of borrowing which will help you in your purchase of property. These calculators can also be used to calculate and compare the interest rates and the costs of various loans. Apart from checking costs you can calculate the effect repayment has on your finances when the time of payment differs. This will help you reach a decision on whether you want to make bi-weekly payments or monthly payments.
If there are changes that may affect repayment of the loan, you are able to calculate the extra damage it can cause to your cash flow. These calculators help you to calculate and clear all your queries regarding interest rates, affordability, and changes in the terms that will affect the loan etc. To a certain extent, the calculator will also help you to find the loan that fits your requirements.
If you are considering or have already taken up the Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC), which follows the variable interest rate then a mortgage calculator will also help you determine the payments you will be required to make. These calculators will help you calculate the payments on all types of loans be it with fixed interest rates, variable interest rates and even amortized loans. It provides you with all the different calculations that you may require to make the right decision.
You also have the option of doing it yourself by using an excel sheet on your computer by applying the right formula. The formula that you can use in your excel sheet is the Pmt Formula. =Pmt (Rate, Nper, PV) formula where Rate is your periodic rate Nper is the number of payments and PV is your present value.
The commonly used formulas that are used for calculating loan payments are as follows:
PMT (Rate, Nper, -Loan Amount) PPMT (Rate, Which Period, Nper, -Loan Amount) NPER (Rate, Pmt, -Loan Amount) RATE (Nper, Pmt, -Loan Amount) PV (Rate, Nper, Pmt)
However it is the online calculators that allows for easy and accurate calculations.


About the Author: Calculating loan repayments is easy when you have the right tools. Learn more about your home equity loan and how to save money with your monthly repayments.